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Queendom Kandles is a natural soy wax candle boutique with aromas fit for a QUEEN or King. We exclusively use soy wax because it produces a healthier burning candle for your home and office environments.

The reason to burn soy wax over paraffin wax is simple. With paraffin wax candles you get an instant scent throw due to the chemicals that have been added to the wax.  The burning of these chemicals causes black soot to form around the glass, it also fills the air, which is bad for you and your home. You will also burn through the candle a lot quicker, not giving you a long burn, causing you to replace them sooner. 


With soy wax the scent throw is not instant because no chemicals are added. Once the wax and oil reaches the right temperature the scent will fill the room.  Also, being a natural wax, it will be a long lasting healthy burn. This means you will get more for your money. You will also be able to reuse your jars if you ever finish burning your Queendom Kandles.


If you still aren't sold I'll give you an example.  Paraffin wax is like putting your food in the microwave, sure it will cook fast, but it will be unevenly done and lack flavor. Soy wax is like putting your food in the oven on 325 and slow cooking it for hours. When it is done, it will smell and taste amazing.

Meet Kerra

Growing tired of the 9-5 life and missing out on valuable family time she took to her kitchen to start Queendom Kandles. Kerra began mixing and matching fragrance combinations until she created something she would buy herself. She's had a long career in business management, which helps drive the company. Kerra is involved in every aspect of the work process. She makes every single candle,  all of the resin pieces, and mixes the bath soaks in small batches. This makes her invaluable to the day to day operations.

Since we are a small business with a big heart understand that we take pride in making sure you are satisfied with your purchase. Please enjoy your Queendom Kandles any time of the day or night, and all year long.

- Kerra D.

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